Biwako Hall, 15-1 Uchidehama, Otsu-shi 520-0806, Japan

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Circle of Nature

Join the 2 Danish artists painter Per Buk and graphic artist Ann-Kerstina Nielsen’s “THE CIRCLE OF NATURE”.
The famous Danish fairy tale writer H. C. Andersen once wrote a Fairy Tale called: “The Ugly Duckling”. This story deals with how children grows up and matures. From lying in an egg to becoming a swan, as the story goes. This process is influenced by the changes of seasons and surrounding people. The art workshop will take point of departure in this story.
The art workshop will also put emphasis on sustainability.The artists will be recycling drawing tools and various materials from their previous workshops with children elsewhere in the world.

Exhibition: Children from Shiga Prefecture will create unique art – and all the creations will afterwards be exhibited at BIWAKO HALL.