Gallery Noir /NOKTA, Naka 750-1 Iznokuni City, Shizuoka

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Epiphany Solo Exhibition with Lene Degett, Denmark

Mr. Eiji Hirai, owner of Art Gallery Noir/NOKTA participated in the Denmark×Japan exhibition on Bornholm Island in Denmark 2016, meeting Lene Degett through joint exhibition between Danish and Japanese artists.  Lene Degett is promoting the mutual understanding of the two countries by supporting Japanese students studying in Bornholm Folk High School, Bornholm Island and working together with Japanese artists, exhibiting and making Workshops in Denmark and Japan during last 10 years.

In the period of April 22nd to May 3rd, Gallery Noir /NOKTA will exhibit her art. Besides the exhibition there is planned talking sessions with Lene Degett, Japanese artists and the attendants to support mutual understanding and cultural proliferation for both countries. Lene Degett will travel around Japan meeting artists working together – making new art to exhibit in Denmark. The title of the exhibition “Epiphany” allows the exhibition visitors to investigate what appears in the art works.

Mr. Eiji Hirai, Gallery Noir /NOKTA

Image: Graphics/4 Monotypies