Andersen Institute of Bread & Life co. ltd

Denmark is always a good model for us.

The first encounter of the Andersen Group and Denmark took place in 1959. Our Group’s founder visited Denmark on his first tour of the United States and Europe. He was delighted at the deliciousness of the Danish pastries, which he had tasted for the first time in his life.

Hoping to introduce the delicious sweet roll to his countrymen, after much trial and error he finally launched the first Danish pastries in Japan in 1962.
It was not only the pastries that impressed him, but also how the Danish people respected individuality and enjoyed their lives in their own way. Their rational lifestyle, focusing on the essence of things and sparing no effort to enjoy life, was fascinating for him.

Denmark has taught Andersen Group the richness of simplicity, and we have continued to learn from that country and its people.

As a bakery, Andersen Group will always pursue the highest quality and contribute to a better life with delicious breads.